Consumers Feel the Pinch from Minimum Wage Hike

A sharp increase in the minimum wage has sent the prices of products and services soaring. Manufacturers claim that they cannot help raising product prices to pay wages. The minimum wage hike has not only made it harder for small businesses to keep staff on but has sent consumer prices through the r… Source: Culture

청와대가 밝힌 ‘김태우 파동’ 전말 보니…靑 “법무부에 추가 징계요구서 발송”

– 청와대 전직특감반원 ‘폭로 파문’ 일파만파- 靑 “金 추가 징계 요구서, 법무부에 보냈다”- 靑, 개인 일탈 꼬리자르기 논란 재연 될 듯[헤럴드경제=홍석희·문재연 기자] 청와대가 전직 특별감찰반원이었던 김태우 수 Source: Local News

꾸지람 들었다고 어머니 살해한 30대 패륜아들, 징역 20년 확정

[사진=연합뉴스][헤럴드경제=모바일섹션] 평소 잦은 음주 등으로 꾸지람을 듣자 어머니를 살해한 30대 아들에게 존속살해 등의 혐의로 징역 20년이 확정됐다.대법원 2부(조재연 대법관)는 존속살해 및 무면허운전 혐의로 Source: Local News

LG Launches New Smartwatch

LG on Monday launches the Watch W7, its first smartwatch in nearly two years.The new Watch W7 comes in a shape of an analogue watch with moving hour and minute hands. Another striking feature is that it can be used as an ordinary watch without charging battery for up to 100 days. It is equipped with… Source: Culture

Think Tanks Slash Economic Growth Outlook to 2.5%

One think tank after another has slashed its forecasts for Korea’s economic growth next year to an average of 2.5 percent and well below the potential growth rate. Hyundai Research Institute on Sunday cut its forecast by 0.1 percentage point to 2.5 percent. “A slowing global economy, continued downs… Source: Culture

하승리, 6개월간 일일드라마로 올 한 해를 뜻깊게 보낸 배우

[헤럴드경제=서병기 선임기자]배우 하승리(23)는 올 한 해를 뜻깊게 보냈다. 6개월간 KBS1 일일드라마 ‘내일도 맑음’에서 좋은 연기를 선보였다.아역 배우 출신인 하승리는 19년차 중견배우다. 첫번째 작품이 남자 Source: Sports

N.Korea Warns Sanctions Could Stop Denuclearization

North Korea has warned that continued sanctions and pressure to improve human rights “will block the path to denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula forever.” North Korea’s Foreign Ministry in a statement on Sunday complained that the U.S. slapped sanctions on the North eight times over the last si… Source: Culture

Crazed K-Pop Fans Cause 1-Hour Delay of Korean Air Flight

Three obsessive K-pop fans in Hong Kong caused a Korean Air flight to Incheon to take off an hour late on Saturday when 360 passengers were forced to disembark and go through another security check. Two mainland Chinese and one Hong Kong passenger on board suddenly told flight crew that they wanted … Source: Culture

Korea, Vietnam to Square off in New Regional Football Competition

Korea will square off against Vietnam at a new regional Asian football competition next year. The ASEAN Football Federation and the East Asian Football Federation signed an agreement to introduce the new competition, to be known as the AFF-EAFF Champions Trophy, at a meeting between AFF deputy presi… Source: Culture

Masan Perfect Place to Celebrate the Auspicious 'Year of the Golden Pig'

The upcoming New Year is the “Year of the Golden Pig” according to the Chinese zodiac. Gold and pigs both signify abundance, so that can be an auspicious combination. How can we make the most of it? There is a local legend in Masan, South Gyeongsang Province, where a royal concubine of King Garak in… Source: Culture